Here is where you will find dozens of tips and tricks to help you in your art business, even if you have no idea about the "business" side of it! You will also find out all about the traps to avoid, and learn from my mistakes so that you don't have to make them.

I will also be adding tons of techniques and exercises that will help you to conquer the materials and mediums that you might be using, including oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, drawing and other creative mediums. If you have an open mind you might be able to use some of the exercises and information to apply to other creative mediums such as writing, sewing, acting, and more.

Here you will also be able to download my forthcoming free eBook "Art Success".

This is a wholistic guide to succeeding in your art business by using Mind Magic, Getting Organised, becoming Master Craftsperson, and Doing it Professionally. I tell you exactly how to go about these things if you have never done them before, and give you Step by Step worksheets to use to create your own success.

In the book, the 4 ways to hit the "Big Time" are described, along with the pathways of how to get there.

With this book you will also learn how to never, ever be "blocked" as an artist again.

Expect it to be available soon... so check back here often!


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